Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Science Literacy

Surveys give teachers some helpful information as to what level students are entering a particular subject at. The survey my CT and I used was designed strictly to find out each student's background in science and math. The information from the survey allows us to gain an understanding as to what the level of science experience most students are coming into the semester with. We can also see if students are interested in the subject as a whole, and what particular area in Science interests them the most. Students also provided us with what math level they are currently at so we can get an understanding in where we may need to spend some additional time. Also, if students are particularly fond of Science or have not taken too many science classes in the past, the material may be brand new to them and we may need to provide extra help to those students. The survey is critical for a teacher to learn just who the students are in their class. The results have given my CT and I a background into the level most students are entering our classroom in. Approximately, 90% of the students who took the survey took a science class last year, and the majority had taken Biology. The CT and I expected this since most students come into Earth Science as sophomores. Most of the students in our classes stated they were either in Algebra I or Geometry, with Geometry having a slightly higher percentage. Approximately, 60% of the students said their favorite class was Biology, which was also the highest percentage for students’ favorite type of science. The highest percentage of which Earth Science students enjoy the most was Oceanography, with Astronomy coming in a close second. Approximately, 65% of the students said they were going to take a science class next year and around 25% were still undecided. Most students wrote that they enjoyed doing labs the most in science classes. Some of the students also said they like to learn about animals and our planet. This would make sense because thus far, most of these students have only taken life science courses. Most students wrote that they’re least favorite part about science classes are learning all of the vocabulary words. I have noticed in our class that most students seem to get a little restless during vocabulary and that is why we get the class out of their seats while we go over new vocabulary words. We also have the students make drawings of the new vocabulary words and it seems that most students enjoy the drawings. The majority of students said they would finish the class with a B so my CT and I went over the syllabus again with the students and showed them that it only takes a little effort on their part to get a good grade. Just by doing all of the participation and homework, students will get at least a C. After we discussed it as a class, I told the class that I know each and every one of them can get an A as long as they put the effort in.


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  2. Hi Noah,

    Did you look at the results from the survey your CT distributed? What did you learn from that? Can you post the actual survey your CT used?


  3. I actually administered the survey yesterday and included the results above.