Sunday, September 23, 2012

SDAIE strategy

In my classroom, we are constantly using SDAIE strategies. It is critical that we use as many SDAIE strategies as we can on a regular basis because in one class alone we have 18 students that are English Language Learners. Almost on a daily basis we implement textual, oral, kinesthetic, and auditory learning. Fortunately, when teaching science classes, it is easier than in other classrooms to add many different learning strategies to a lesson. One of the lessons that I think works really well in the classroom is the vocabulary lessons my cooperating teacher uses. When we work on vocabulary, we first put the word and definition on PowerPoint so the students can copy it from the board. The word is broken down into syllables so that students can visually see how to pronounce it properly. After the students write the word and definition, the next step for the students is to draw a picture of the word to have an image instilled in their minds. Finally, the last step is for the entire classroom to say the word out loud broken down into syllables. At each syllable, as a class, we clap and sound out the word together. After clapping at each syllable, the students will say the word at normal speed. Example: Photosynthesis- Pho (clap)-to (clap)-syn (clap)-the (clap)-sis (clap). The SDAIE strategy we use has made such a positive impact in all of our students’ scores that we will continue to use this method and find other ways to make it better or more efficient.

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